Percentage of all Sales goes towards Animal Welfare

About Us

Raise Your Vibration with Artist Creation

 Ascend + Expand is a artist collective, Inspiring vision with Intent of spreading Art, Awareness, Love and Compassion for Humans and Animals. Our goal is to create a community of artists that want to Expand their creative abilities on all forms of mediums while leaving a minimal carbon foot print as possible.  


 We create and print all products by hand and use the most sustainable Eco Friendly methods of printing from our Inks to Biodegradable Cleaning products.
Not only are our Printing methods environmental friendly, so is our sourcing!

We use Apparel that is Fair Trade, Organic, Bamboo, Hemp, Recycled blends.

We Donate a percentage of all sales to help fund global non-profit Animal Sanctuaries and Earth Fighting causes. We feel it is our duty to give back to OUR e(art)h that provides us with so much.